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We have officially changed the name of the business from Dr Penny Tok Psychology Practice Pte. Ltd to RECESS Psychology and Coaching Centre Private Limited.


Why the change?

Firstly, we wanted to highlight our strength as a TEAM and not an individual. Secondly, the new name better represents the services that we provide which is not limited to psychology (psychotherapy and assessments) but also includes social-emotional support, counselling, executive functioning coaching, in-school support, and training.


RECESS reflects the core values that we pride ourselves in at our centre:

Respect. Empathy. Collaborate. Engage. Strengths-based. Structure

RECESS is also a pause, a short break – something that we all need once in a while. RECESS at school is fun. Therapy and support can also be fun, while being engaging and meaningful at the same time. On the lighter side, we also imagined people saying, “I am going to RECESS!” when they are about to come over for a session.

What does this name change mean?

The people, our values, and our commitment to you and your family stays the same. Our tree logo also remains the same. This represents growth and how we are different (the leaves) yet still part of a whole (the trunk). The different colours of the leaves also represent different stages of our lives. Finally, the trunk symbolises stability: no matter how much the wind blows, we stay grounded and secure.

Thank you for trusting us and we look forward to working for you as team RECESS.
Our new email and website contacts will be updated soon but our telephone number remains the same.



With kindness and strength,


Penny, Paul, Austin, Kelly, Nora, Marina, Marisa, Cheryl, Kit, Ancelin, Chelsea, Shamini, and Jaral.

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